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Yofi Customized Dance Makeup A Great Look, A Better Price

Let's face it: Rounding up dance makeup for a group can be a nightmare. Running all over town to find makeup that coordinates with your costumes is a major time vacuum. And when you finally find the right dance makeup, the cost is usually through the roof.

Yofi Cosmetics provides you with a welcome alternative: Custom coordination for your dance makeup. We manufacture our own dance makeup and match it to your costumes . You'll get the right look and a lower, dealer-direct price.

Dance Makeup that Matches your Look

Besides custom-matching the color to your team's costumes , we can even create team makeup kits. Each performer will receive individual makeup bags, with identical dance makeup of the highest quality.

We also specialize in Glitter Makeup, creating the highest reflective cosmetic glitter grade available.

Dance Makeup that Saves Money

Whether you're a retailer or dance studio group, you'll enjoy saving money with our manufacturer-direct pricing on all our products. Plus, factor in the amount of time you'll save by not hunting for dance makeup on your own, the savings truly add up!

The Dance Makeup that adds Glamour to any Group

From Dance Studios to All-Star Cheerleading Groups, we provide custom dance makeup for any group. We've helped:

  • National dance studios
  • Cheerleading groups or gyms
  • Drill teams
  • Ice-skating performers
  • Theatre groups
  • Individual stage performers

We can help any organization searching for the right dance makeup at the right price.

Yofi Cosmetics specializes in performance makeup to enhance your dance teams stage presence. We sell all our products a la carte or we invite you to create a custom team kit. All our items are available individually through the categories below or we offer teams wholesale pricing through the wholesale tab above.