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Dance Retail Stores

Yofi Cosmetics is a specialty manufacturer of cosmetics for the dance industry. We create products and colors that are designed for the stage to enhance any performance.

Cosmetics are an extension of the costume and are imperative to a proper stage look. You do not want your dancer’s washed out on stage or looking fragmented in their makeup look. We help make the dancer look better.

Cosmetics also are a great add-on accessory that many dance retailers are not taking full advantage of in their stores. Add-on accessories can be an important growth area for your business. It is always easier to sell more to your existing clientele than to go out and find new ones. Your customers are going to buy makeup somewhere why not from you?

We will help you make the process easy for your dance studio customers to unify their makeup look across teams. Eliminate the need for your studios to run around town to multiple places to find enough lipstick in the same color for the team. Yofi provides a single source supplier and brings it to you at wholesale/direct pricing and Yofi’s suggested retail is less than department stores or the home selling makeup lines. There is no need to stock our products but it is important to have a variety of samples for your customer to review colors. We ship your orders with a short lead time and will even drop ship for you.

Perfect impulse items that sell well in any dance retail store are The Glitter Spray and Stick It roll on costume/body adhesive.  Please give them a try and let us prove to you how well they sell.

To request wholesale pricing please create an account from the pink tab below or the black MY ACCOUNT tab on the menu bar above and then send an email to to request your account be coded to wholesale.