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Double Sided Adhesive Star Sticker-Yofi Cosmetics

Double Sided Adhesive Star Sticker

Double Sided Glitter Sticker - Adhesive Star Yofi's double sided adhesive stickers are easy to use and are great for someone who wants a customized glitter graphic. How it works: 1. Peal the graphic off the sheet 2. Press the graphic on the skin 3. Peal off the top label 4. Apply your choice of <a class=linkListing href=>Yofi glitter And you've got a custom graphic that stays in place for as long as you want it to. Double sided adhesive stickers come 11 per sheet and can be used 1 time. Stickers come in 2 sizes per sheet:1 x 1 andamp; 2 x 2.

$ 5.00

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