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Glow in the Dark Glitter Flashback-Yofi Cosmetics

Glow in the Dark Glitter Flashback

GLOW IN THE DARK GLITTER Neon Pink Neon orange glow in the dark glitter eyeshadow we call Flashback. This matte eye glitter does not sparkle ... it glows under black light! Great for dance, cheer, stage or any costume or special occasion event. Glitter Eye Makeup Tips: If you are using <a href=>The Eye Glue Xtreme , brush on a very thin layer of the glue and (don't brush) the glitter on top using <a href=;products_id=133>The Glitter Brush . Do one eye at a time. Don't forget to remove the sticker on top of the sifter. Can't find your color? Call our office and have a custom color created (minimums apply). Our new pots are 10 grams.

$ 7.00

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