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Shimmer Dust 2 Timin-Yofi Cosmetics

Shimmer Dust 2 Timin

Shimmer Dust - Purplish Navy Blue : Shimmer Dust we call 2 Timin in a purplish navy blue. This shimmer eye shadow is a mineral shimmer powder that adds sparkling shimmer to lips and cheeks as well as eyes. Perfect for dance makeup and cheer makeup kits - but shimmer dust is wonderful for every day use too! Shimmer Eye Shadow Tips: Apply the shimmer dust using the Shimmer Brush href=;products_id=134>Shimmer Brush just like eyeshadow. For a more dramatic look, apply with a damp brush. To waterproof your look use Waterproof Eye Shadow Sealer href=>The Sealer . When using <em>The Sealer</em&gt, apply a thin layer on the eye lid. Next, with the <em>Shimmer Brush</em&gt, apply your desired shimmer eye shadow color. You can apply a final coat of <em>The Sealer</em> over the eye to seal the color in. Do one eye at a time. Can't find your color? Call our office and have a custom color created (minimums apply). Don't forget to remove the sticker on top of the sifter.

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